Come and see Europe's

largest exhibition of Garden Secret 4you®

and Eco Secret® pools and cellars.

The largest exhibition in Europe!

Have you already seen our new exhibition of innovative Garden Secret 4you® and Eco Secret® cellars and garden pools?

Come and try out our products and we will reimburse you for your travel costs up to €400 if you decide to buy our products Garden Secret 4you® or the pool*.

*a swimming pool with a minimum value of 15000€

See our realizations

We live in an ever-changing world marked by novelty and innovation. Here at NAWI Design, however, we believe that building on the past is the only way to create future. Time has shown us that when the old meets the new, interesting things can happen. Modern adaptations open the door to new possibilities. Welcome to the world of NAWI Design.

We design for people like you!
Only a well-thought, designed and beautiful product is easy to feel in love with. Through products that make sense for you, we wish to become a part of your life. To create the perfect solution for your needs, we think about you, your everyday routine and duties. Our garden cellars are adapted to present lifestyle and needs by modern design and technology. They are characterized by beauty, functionality and surprising details.
We believe that perfect product joins beauty and functionality!
The small detail makes the big difference! Every detail is important, each centimeter counts and everything is in the right place. Garden Secret 4you® is more than modern food storage it is an alternative place to spend time with family or friends, a place of work or study, it is a solitude. Garden Secret 4you® is a timeless and multifunctional project. Delicate shapes and dynamic lines of plywood furniture create this intimate and sophisticated space. Garden Secret 4you®, designed with care, diligence and a brilliant idea, is a functional, artistic and adored product.